Keep A Breast

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ARTWORK BY: Kyra Brandman, Nikita Srinivasan, Caroline Cogliani, and Ari Mitsos

Keep a Breast’s mission is to empower young people around the world with breast health education and support. The Keep A Breast Foundation began as a small effort to build a community through the arts. Building community through art is core of the core of their mission.  As zines are typically collaborative projects, we reached out to fellow female artists and asked if they would like to contribute. We found this in line with Keep A Breast’s mission of empowering females and supporting each other. All of the art pieces in the zine are created by women, of women, and for women. We focused on the female body throughout the zine because Keep A Breast is all about loving your own body and taking care of it. Once women get to know their own bodies and take ownership of them, they can take the steps to prevent breast cancer.